Wednesday, 2 October 2013

I do not agree with the way in hiphop videos how they represent a "man" is that they should ware loads of Jewellery and ware big puffer jackets and ware very expensive clothes and really fast so called super cars and have a lot of women dancing round them kind of making them look like a pimp.
 In 50 cents video candy shop   he is surround by girls which are half naked as a sign that he owns them and girls want to be with him, they are half naked to show that girls want him and he can do what he wants with them. He shows off his money by what he is wearing, such as his fur coat, diamond necklaces, rings and flash watches, the video is also shown in a big house. He is also sitting on an expensive car, showing he can waste money as he is not driving the car. In my opinion is that 50 cent is trying to look like a pimp In the video and I do not agree with it.  
the language that 50 cent  uses in his song candy shop show that the girls are controlled by him and that he gets pleasures from it "ill let you lick my lolly pop." The idea of videos such as 50 cents are to try and show that women should have perfect bodies and go for men with money, which is incorrect, in the real world women go for men with class, looks or personallity instead of men trying to look hard and rough. 
Looking like this dose not make you a man and acting like this to women is nieve because in the Video the woman our dancing very surductively and they our there like there just there to make 50 cent look big and he only use for women is sexy when it's not there as equal as men, but in many hip hop videos all men look to have more power over women 


  1. Really nice answer using examples, although more examples would help...