Monday, 30 September 2013

a big black hand  drawn circle a cross with  fist on the end with a symbol of rebeling the circle is to show unity and the fist pump shows strength and the colour is red and is a strong colour and symbols anger and also so dose black because it is a dark colour.
the school of unity is ware all of the studants stick to gether to rebel againts rules of the school and will not ware uniform becuase they think they are better then the school and will always try and do anything to rebel againts any other schools in anything.
 the skills i learnt were magic wand it is ware you rub all the stuff around i also used eraser to get rid off bits i did not want on my logo i also used gradient to get the back ground.

Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Learning something new in photo shop
First of all I did not how to use photo shop at all I have learnt how to use the magic wand tool by clicking in the tool bar then clicking the background and a glowing line comes up the press the back space and it has worked.
Also I know how to make something bigger it is cdm and t then it comes up with a box to pull it up or down

Thursday, 12 September 2013

connote: the connote of the iron maiden cover shows a devil with and flames in the background
denotation: the denotation shows a devil with a pitch fork plus flames so it adds up to be quite scary.

 connote: the connote of this album cover is that there's a man with a red hat in the right pocket
denotation: the denotation of this album cover is that there a red and white stripy background and also he looks like a normal bloke with a red hat hangout of he right pocket
Detonation - I see a rainbow going through a triangle, on the other side of triangle its a white line or could happen the other way round. It also has a black background.Connotation - The triangle could suggest that they may be involved with the illuminati, also they may like colors and like rainbows and transformation, the rainbow changes in ta white line.
 connote: the connote of this album cover is that there a slight glimpse of a Womans backside and she touching it with a black leather glove.
denotation: the denotation of this album cover is that there is a women touching her backside with a black leather glove 

connote: the connote of this album cover is pink and has pink text plus horizontal lines
denotation: the denotation is that that there is a pink background with almost like an illusion because of the horizontal lines.

connote: the connote of this album cover is that there is 5 grown gentleman and 1 women who both are very mature because of the clothing and styledenotation: the denotation is that there a group of men who are very smart because of the clothing and also a very mature women who looks like she control them
connote: the connote of this album cover is that there is a black skinned male and a vignette background
denotation: a black skinned male who looks like he's trying to act hard with the facial expressions.

from the logo my denotation is that it is  there is alot of table every where and paper on the floor. my conotain is that walta messy school and the students do not really care because  it shows if there learning enviroment is messy there not going to respect the school.   

The producers are trying to appeal to people that she is a bad character she does bad things in her life. she is ginger wearing all her hair back , her uniform is messy also wearing loads of make up and hoop earrings.
she is pouting. She is supposed to look mean and like she has a attitude. 

The program is put on television at eight o'clock because young children are usually asleep and it has bad language and inappropriate scene's.I think it is on thursdays because it is late in the week and people go to school on thursdays so they are trying to make it real as possible.

Wednesday, 4 September 2013

What is media

Tv,radio,Internet,game consoles,tablets&smartphones,films all have one thing in common which is media.
Media is anything to do with technology, without media there would be nothing no films no Xbox no telly and no news! 
It is a very important thing when you think  about it because with out media there would be no news and with out news you wood not no any current affairs. 
Media is one of the most powerful things in the world.

The media I have used this weekend:

Friday i used my iphone to instant message my friend  to go play football.

on saturday i watch a tv program on my i pad which i downloaded from itunes, also used my phone to check the football scores

on sunday i used my phone to tweet about the Tottenham game which was disopointing

Tuesday, 3 September 2013

What type of school is Waterloo road? 

Waterloo road is a typical chavy school in a deprived area and most of the kids have not much money and none of the students really care about the school or the teacher they just act like they have gave up and is a school in trouble and has no money.  

The children at the school do not ware a uniform and ware track suites and hoop earrings.