Tuesday, 18 March 2014

What two conventions have i used and why?
i have used a model and celeb on my magazine cover because the target audience is tennage girls and some of them look up to models and celebritys. the tone of my magazine is aspirational because i have used certain headlines to make it aspirantional like a life style coach. 

What are the effects of my layout, typography, colour choice and language choice.
my magazine cover is asymetrical this suggest it is not orderd and chaotic this is asoteated with young pepole.i used bright pinks to suit the target audience. The font i used was called lips i choose to use this font because it looked like lipstick it is a san serif font which , i used a celebrity and put her in the middle shot to show that evrything revolves around her,  and teenage girls should look up to her.

What issues of representation have i presented 


Jack this needs to be finished please.  You must be specific in your answers and these answers must explain the effects on the audience. 

You must talk about any issues that there are with the representation you have presented. Are all women/men like that? Do all teenage girls relate to those stories?

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