Thursday, 12 September 2013

from the logo my denotation is that it is  there is alot of table every where and paper on the floor. my conotain is that walta messy school and the students do not really care because  it shows if there learning enviroment is messy there not going to respect the school.   

The producers are trying to appeal to people that she is a bad character she does bad things in her life. she is ginger wearing all her hair back , her uniform is messy also wearing loads of make up and hoop earrings.
she is pouting. She is supposed to look mean and like she has a attitude. 

The program is put on television at eight o'clock because young children are usually asleep and it has bad language and inappropriate scene's.I think it is on thursdays because it is late in the week and people go to school on thursdays so they are trying to make it real as possible.

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